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01 February 2018

Bridget (Bride) is one of the most popular saints in the calendar, and for good reason -- even if you're not a stout drinker.

And so in celebration of her Day, here are five must-know facts about Bridget.

12 January 2018
I am following through on a New Year's Resolution to finally begin re-reading and posting favorite books from my library. And so I'm inviting you to peruse a few items...
14 November 2017

Check out this lovely review of The Curse of the Braddock Brides from the Historical Novel Society.

"Well-researched romp", and, oh yeah, "acerbic, Wildean humor."  Sweet!

09 October 2017
Looking forward to another visit to the Baychester Library for a talk about The Curse of the Braddock Brides. They're a terrific group to talk with. Thanks to Walter Scott for setting this up.
The Author Talk begins:
3PM, Friday, October 13
at the Baychester Library (NYPL)
2049 Asch Loop, Bronx, NY 10461

04 October 2017
Very much looking forward to chatting about my podcast of Ryland's Bride with Brent Robison and Tom Newton of The Strange Recital at Bard's Lifetime Learning Institute this Friday, October 6 at 10AM. https://www.bardlli.com
15 August 2017
Where might the heroine of my next novel, The Horseman's Word, have stayed when she went to Saratoga for the race season in 1865?
09 August 2017
Really fun discussion with Kenneth Wishnia this afternoon. Two "demented doctors" talking about the very unprofessorial subjects of murdering people and miracles. Thank you Inwood Branch of The New York Public Library and MWA-New York.
02 August 2017
In anticipation of my upcoming MWA-NY panel presentation, NY: Scene of the Crime, on Aug. 9 at the Inwood Branch of the NYPL, I thought I might offer:

Top Five Lost Scenes in Inwood
19 June 2017
Please help me celebrate my birthday on July 10, by joining me for a reading/signing of The Curse of the Braddock Brides with Romance Writers of America/New York at Lady Jane's Salon New York's only all-romance reading series.

Time: 7-9 PM July 10

Cost: $5.00   All proceeds donated to women in need.

Location: Madame X.'s "The Sexiest Bar in NYC." 94 W. Houston St.

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